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Our Book

Swimming without Stress: Lessons for Land Lovers is swimming teacher Ian Cross’s essential guide for novice swimmers, improvers and aspiring triathletes.

Some comments about the book

" I thought "Swimming Without Stress" was excellent. I could only swim 100m of frontcrawl before having to stop out of breath before I read it. Within 1 week of reading it, I can now swim 400m without stopping! Thanks for making this happen. "


" I just thought I'd let you know I really enjoyed trying the techniques in your book while I was away on holiday. Was finding crawl in some ways easier and more relaxing than breaststroke after applying your techniques. A real revelation. Am looking forward to working on the breaststroke some more as well as your technique is a little bit different from what I'd been doing. Seemed strange when I tried it but I think I was going as fast as usual, maybe faster (although it felt a bit like I was going really slow due to not using the arms so much). "


" Just have to tell you that I have read your book so many times that I went to a business store to have it spiral bound. It has been a source of motivation. My husband is calling me his "mermaid" because every day I "have to get to the pool!" I get out of the pool smiling. Me! Smiling in the water! I never would have believed this. My relationship with the water is changing and working in the water with my husband is adding a whole new positive dimension to our relationship. "

Valerie, U.S.A