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Swimming lessons

My Swimming Without Stress course was amazing. Ian and Cheryl are extremely patient and knowledgeable teachers. I learned lots and had a thoroughly enjoyable week. The location and accommodation is also first class. I can heartily recommend to non swimmers, anyone with a fear of water and also to swimmers who want to improve and increase their enjoyment of swimming.

Eleanor, West Yorkshire, January 2017 → read more testimonials



" It was an amazing couple of days working with you both - an experience I shall always remember with great delight.The sensation of gliding through the water was totally pleasurable. The hands on contact was so supportive. I felt as though I were an infant or child again in the best possible way. I’m very glad I was also able to do two sessions of Alexander technique with you, Ian. I can see I’ve gotten stuck in some bad habits which it's never too late to change.You are a gifted healer, in so many ways."

Alene, London, September 2017

" I am now back to swimming three times a week and have had no neck or back pain since working with Ian. The lessons have transformed my swimming style and my attitude to swimming. "

Amanda, London, June 2012

" For the first time ever I was able to play with my granddaughters and not sit on the top step clinging to the side - they couldn't believe it!  I can't tell you how grateful I am that you helped me overcome my fear of the water."

Ann, Bath, January 2012

" Swimming has become part of my life in a way that I never imagined, a real pleasure. I really look forward to getting to the pool - a complete conversion."

Ann, North Wales, August 2011

" It was so different from earlier experiences with someone shouting from the poolside, fully dressed and bone dry while I struggled in the water, usually getting nowhere. "

Bob, Hants, October 2013

" A big thanks to both of you for making me believe that I have a future in the pool...Last week, I completed a teaching course in London in Medical Education. One of the things often said was that a good teacher is one "who makes the learner think and in so doing facilitates the learning process". I was very promptly reminded of both of you. You made me think and believe that I could enjoy the water!! Thank you so much for such a lovely experience!"

Chitra Bridgend, September 2016

" Ian, Thank you so much (to you both) for the last four days. I am not going to sugar coat it - it was one of the hardest challenges of my life....I think there is a powerful hypnotic quality to the way you express your instructions and your philosophy which will stay with me. It's the perfect counter point to Cheryl's method. You are a great double act."

Christena, London, November 2015

" Make friends with the water’ is what you say....... I think I am falling in love with it !  What a difference ! Thank you so much for a lovely week, I feel euphoric and relaxed, the Alexander Technique of the swimming has rubbed off on the rest of my life."

David, Manchester, April 2017

" Just wanted to thank you both for another great few days improving my swimming. You're both fantastic at providing gentle and consistent  encouragement and advice. Like my last visit here I just want to get home and back to my local pool with your words still ringing in my ears."

Dawn, London, March 2017

" It was a real pleasure meeting, and being coached by you, over the 4 days in Cardigan. I appreciated your very particular blend of appreciative care and adaptive challenge, which made learning both high quality and real fun. "

Declan, Cumbria, February 2014

" Sorry it's taken so long to tell you (and thank you) for the impact that week made to my life. It was the best investment I ever made and I now swim 32 lengths 3 times a week.  One length front crawl - return journey breaststroke and, towards the end, on my back with any old movement that gets me to the other end. I'm enjoying the water!!"

Eileen, Berkshire, feedback received October 2015

" My Swimming Without Stress course was amazing. Ian and Cheryl are extremely patient and knowledgeable teachers. I learned lots and had a thoroughly enjoyable week. The location and accommodation is also first class. I can heartily recommend to non swimmers, anyone with a fear of water and also to swimmers who want to improve and increase their enjoyment of swimming."

Eleanor, West Yorkshire, January 2017

" You may remember that, a few years ago, you helped me overcome my fear of water and set me on a path to making it part of my life. Since then I've been swimming several times a week just for the joy of it. I've jumped off sailing boats in Greece and Spain, managed the swim half a mile to shore and back again, snorkelled for hours and generally larked about like an 8-year old. I'm sending this message because, thanks to you, I have managed to make it to one of the pools I've always dreamed of swimming in, the lido at the Hotel Molitor in Paris."

Ewan, London update 4 years on

" I'm delighted to leave my mortal fear of water behind in Wales...You guys make a great team and have changed another life for the better. "

Fintan, Offaly, December 2013

" The combination of your warm personalities, your encouragement and the techniques that you teach really do make your swimming lessons something never to forget.  I am really pleased with what I can achieve now. "

Gill, Brighton, October 2013

" I really enjoyed the coaching. I have been trying to learn the front crawl on and off for about ten years and I've had three lots of lessons. I was about to give up and you were my last effort so I doubt if you realised just how pleased I was with the progress I made with your tuition. I know enough now to believe that with practice I can achieve a reasonable stroke. I also considered the explanations of the effect of tension on the body, I think this is valuable in and out of the water and something I will work on. "

Graham, Yorkshire, March 2015

" It was amazing watching Lucy progress from an over excited, almost panicky swimmer, into a graceful and elegant little water nymph. I actually felt really emotional watching her being taught by you and seeing the way she learnt to love the water so much. "

Hilary, Dover, August 2013

" Thank you Ian & Cheryl for your wonderful guidance in my swimming last week, it has been a wonderful experience for me, and I'm looking forward to going back in the water for my regular swimming next week.One of the most important things I enjoyed was being allowed to breathe in my own way, and also the lovely sense of fun I gained just being in the water."

Irene, Windsor, January 2016

" I turned up terrified of water on my face and by the end of the 8 sessions could happily put my head under the water. I can also float on my back and front and regain my feet. You have made a massive difference to my life and have contained a fear of 50 years duration. I am sure I am two inches taller with pride, thanks to you two."

Jacqui, Aberystwyth, January 2017

" Many thanks for the most enjoyable swimming course, it was wonderfully relaxing, the addition of the lessons in the Alexander technique also benefited me a great deal."

Jean, Edinburgh, February 2012

" I feel very lucky to have been able to work with such fabulous teachers one to one. I was a little concerned about the lessons given that I had not met either of you before or known of anyone who had attended the course. However, within moments, I felt at ease and really enjoyed the experience.. Now I love, love, love to float and swim underwater."

Jeanette, London, September 2017

" Thank you for your amazing expertise, we both so enjoyed our swimming experiences with you both... You encouraged me back to enjoy the water to appreciate how good it will be for me throughout my recovery. I honestly didn't think I'd be able to do half of what we did. I will build on it with your positive words of wisdom in my ears and all in a relaxed state."

John and Annwen, London, September 2017

" Just a quick note of thanks to you both for your help , understanding and endless patience this week. I really can't express how anxious I was but I guess you could see it!  The thought of putting my head under water etc freaked me out but with your help I could and did and I'm forever grateful. I came with no expectations but I'm proud that I coped with it and it will be the springboard to greater things."

John, Merseyside, June 2016

" Thank you for a wonderful few days. Your teaching techniques are second to none and i would highly recommend your course for anyone who cannot swim or is looking to improve their swimming technique.My swimming has greatly improved and it is all down to your superb approach to teaching."

John, Worcester, January 2017

" Natalie and I had a wonderful time with you both last week - thank you so much for teaching us how to enjoy being in the water. After years of being phobic and many years of trying to swim (without much success), now we are going to be committed pool junkies! Natalie has her head firmly down in the water - something she hadn't done at all before and I am happy to glide, play dead and sing under water. It is so exciting and we can't wait to come back to swimming without stress for more! We've told all our friends and they are really envious of our new attitude to swimming. "

Josie and Natalie, Exeter, June 2016

" How wonderful it is to feel more confident in the water..to know we are capable of moving happily and more effortlessly around the pool... to enjoy the water without a frantic race from one side to the other... The best thing I have come away with is knowing the water will support me and that doing less is more effective. The way you taught us to glide so smoothly was inspirational. The lessons flew by."

Julie and Laura, Aylesbury, December 2016

" I feel such a huge weight has been lifted off me after years of yearning to play in the water with others and not being able to. I've had a little bubble of joy in my middle all week just knowing that it is all now possible! Thank you again for your healing teaching."

Karen, Devon, February 2016

" The more I swim, the more it becomes clear that the act of swimming doesn’t create relaxation but demands it. Then you can just move through that lovely no-where space. Thank you again for opening the gate to all this for me."

Karen, Devon, feedback a year after coming

" Thank you for making Curtis and Ellie feel comfortable in the water and for the added bonus that they can now both swim. At 10 and 12 finding someone to teach them has been very difficult hence the long trip to Wales which was definitely worth it. "

Kate, Devon, August 2014

" It’s almost the exact opposite of the normal experience of learning to swim....The whole experience was delightful."

Lesley, Sussex, June 2017

" I was back in the pool this week, and it was so reassuring to know I had the tools to apply what you taught from the get go. 5 minutes of doing nothing and gliding and I was confident I could do all that I'd achieved last week, just in a different pool."

Leticia, Hertfordshire, October, 2017

" Water phobic for most of my life (44 years) you have been the only 'teachers' to make me water friendly....It's rare for anyone to understand truly what fear of water entails. You both found alternative ways to get me over it.....

Purpose of this note is not only to renovate my gratitude but to say that more people like me should know that you actually exist and and can change our life! "

Lori, London, August 2014

" Just to say a huge thank you for our wonderful swimming lessons this week. We both came away with so much enthusiasm and enjoyment for the water and I am delighted with my much improved front crawl!"

Lucy, London, April 2016

" A huge thank you to you both. I have totally exceeded what I hoped to achieve during the stay and have finally overcome a 50 year phobia. No mean feat and thanks to your AT approach but very importantly, lovely teaching style. "

Lynn, Amersham, October 2014

" We were impressed by the website but nothing prepared us for the wonderful “swimming without stress” experience....It was brilliant to see Lynne overcome her anxiety about the water and to hear her talk of the positive benefits of the Alexander Technique."

Lynne and Julie, Birmingham, June 2011

" A big thankyou for the brilliant swimming lessons. It was lovely to work with you both once more, and to feel confident that under your guidance my back was safe. Your attention to detail and forensic analysis of my swimming has helped me to take my skills to a new level. "

Margaret, Sussex, April 2014

" Thank you both for helping me learn to swim. Your friendly, calm and positive approach using the principles of the Alexander Technique was exactly what I needed. After all these years I still can't believe I can do it! "

Margaret, Sussex, November 2013

" Being a typical lad, Adam was very self-conscious about having swimming lessons ... Coming to Cardigan was a final attempt to turn him into a swimmer - and what a triumph! I am eternally grateful for Ian's calmness and patience in his teaching."

Mary, Herts, July 2011

" I enjoyed my Swimming Without Stress week with you last week. It being my second time swimming with you both. I felt I had made great progress in a year. I also thought the nearby beaches were great for sea swimming. The following Sunday I completed my first pool swim triathlon which I was very pleased with. Thanks very much."

Michael, Southampton, September 2016

" Thanks for the liberating swimming lesson. It has given me lots to reflect on and I've started to re-evaluate my relationship with water."

Nicki, Brighton, August 2016

" The course opened up a whole new relationship with the water for us. How to totally relax our bodies and enjoy the support of the water, to breathe out gently whilst floating on our 'tummies' letting our limbs gently submerge and not stiffen, to glide, rotate backwards, forwards, side to side. We learned a relaxed but efficient breast stroke, feeling at one with the water and 'enjoying the glide'. It gave us confidence in deeper water, great on an island hopping cruise around the Dalmation Coast where we swam from the back of the boat in the beautiful Adriatic sea."

Norma and Eric, Cheshire, March 2017

" Using touchstones gleaned from his experience of the Alexander Technique, Ian coaxes and gently encourages, helping the non-swimmer and swimmer to feel more at home in the water. "

Pete Chapman, The Independent, 2003

" Thanks for your patience and guidance during the past week. Its been great fun! I am not sure what I expected from the course before I arrived but I have left with some great memories and an understanding of the the water that will provide me with a solid platform I can build upon for the future."

Peter, Windsor, September 2017

" I had my first training session last night- wow what a difference! No shoulder pain and seemed to just fly through the water."

Richard, (physiotherapist) Swansea, July 2014

" Thank you both for the lessons, which gave me much greater ease in my front crawl and greater awareness of what I was doing. I'll continue to follow your flowing, gliding, sweeping, extending and relaxing techniques. "

Richard, Cumbria, March 2011

" Ian's method is to involve you in the whole process of swimming. It's as though you are both discovering the possibilities of what you can do, together. "

Richard, Shropshire, June, 2013

" I've been putting your tuition into practice at Lake Bohinj in Slovenia. Was delighted by how much easier and faster my crawl is now - but the real surprise is how much less effort I use in breaststroke - with no loss of speed. End result; I could swim 2km breaststroke in cold water without tiring significantly. So THANKS!"

Rowena, Cornwall, August 2016

" You gave me confidence. Explanations were pitched perfectly for me. You challenged me but that was fine. That is what I needed and I felt if you said I could do it,  I would. Thanks."

Ruth, Carmarthen, July 2016

" This was the fifth time I’d tried to learn and frankly if I hadn’t cracked it this time, I was going to give up trying and accept that I was not meant to swim. Reflecting on my experience, I think your positivity built my confidence: you never said ‘that was rubbish’ instead you built on the things I could do rather than focussing on the things I couldn’t."

Sarah, Pangbourne, April 2017

" I had a light bulb moment this morning and felt "I am doing the front crawl and really enjoying it, with no strain or pain anywhere" (which there used to be). I would recommend your lessons wholeheartedly, thank you so much."

Sue, Leeds, April 2016