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Swimming lessons

Using touchstones gleaned from his experience of the Alexander Technique, Ian coaxes and gently encourages, helping the non-swimmer and swimmer to feel more at home in the water.

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About Our Lessons

About Our Lessons

Our unique approach to swimming lessons emphasizes the importance of doing less. Learn to let go and enjoy the support of the water instead of struggling against it.

A Sensitive Intensive

With the pace of an intensive course, you can make a great deal of progress in a short space of time. But there's a balance between momentum and input overload so we never do more than two lessons a day. 

While we hope you'll want to practise in the quiet pool between lessons because you're enjoying the water, rest is equally important. You may find that what you expected to be physically challenging turns out to be relaxing, but the mental effort of learning to swim can be tiring.

As our courses are designed for individuals, we tailor make them to suit you but we recommend 8 lessons for non swimmers, no more than that in one go, and 6 to 8 lessons for people who can already swim.

Confidence in A Better Way

The fun is in the finding out. Enjoy the process, both of learning and of moving through the water. 

If you're a non swimmer, you're not going to be 'Michael Phelps' after 8 lessons. Take the pressure off yourself and think in terms of us helping you get to your next level. 

If you're phobic, nervous or have no experience of being in water, we'll work to get you comfortable and independent by the end of the course. We won't be pushing the strokes. 

Our job is to give you the right foundations. We want you to come away with a new relationship with the water that will last a lifetime.

A Hands On One-to-One Approach

You'll have the pool to yourself and we'll be in the water with you, using our hands to guide and direct you through movements.

Our lessons are 1:1 because we recognise that, while there are universal problems and difficulties for humans in water, we all have different degrees of fear, different levels of coordination, and our own learning pace.

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Using The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique teaches us to think about what we're doing and how we're doing it. It helps us to slow down and stop trying too hard so we can relax, unclench, breathe, and move more easily.

Key objectives are non-doing and promotion of a natural head neck and back relationship. It works very well in water, where less is usually more.

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