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Swimming lessons

Natalie and I had a wonderful time with you both last week - thank you so much for teaching us how to enjoy being in the water. After years of being phobic and many years of trying to swim (without much success), now we are going to be committed pool junkies! Natalie has her head firmly down in the water - something she hadn't done at all before and I am happy to glide, play dead and sing under water. It is so exciting and we can't wait to come back to swimming without stress for more! We've told all our friends and they are really envious of our new attitude to swimming. 

Josie and Natalie, Exeter, June 2016 → read more testimonials

About Our Lessons

About Our Lessons

Our unique approach to swimming lessons emphasizes the importance of doing less. Learn to let go and enjoy the support of the water instead of struggling against it.

A Sensitive Intensive

With weekly lessons, momentum can be lost and half the lesson can be spent getting back to where you were last week. With an intensive course, especially with practice between lessons, you can make a great deal of progress in a short space of time. But there's a balance between momentum and input overload and we find the optimum arrangement for some people is one lesson a day, worth considering if you can afford the extra time. We recommend 6-8 lessons. People often find that what they thought was going to be physically challenging is relaxing, but the mental effort can be tiring.

As our courses are designed for individuals, we can pretty much tailor-make them to suit you.

It is worth noting that a non swimmer isn't going to become 'Michael Phelps' in 8 lessons, so think in terms of us getting you to your next level. If you're a phobic non swimmer, we'd like to get you happy and independent in the water by the end of the course and we may look at the strokes only in a limited way. But once the cornerstones are in place, the sky's the limit.

Confidence In A Better Way

Where the fun is the finding out. Enjoy the process, both of learning and of moving through the water.

A Hands On One-to-One Approach

You'll have the pool to yourself and we'll be in the water with you using our hands to guide and direct you through movements.

We recognise the uniqueness of individuals and know that both non swimmers and swimmers tend to prefer 1:1 lessons. There are universal problems and difficulties for human beings in water but we all have different degrees of fear, different levels of coordination, and our own learning pace.

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Using The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique helps you think about what you're doing and how you're doing it; it gives you awareness of what you're doing unconsciously to get in your own way.

Physically, it helps you relax, reduce tension, move more easily and find your flow.

Mentally, it gives you clarity, stops you trying too hard and brings you into the present moment. Key ideas in the Alexander Technique are non-doing and promotion of a natural head neck and back relationship, for balance and direction. So it lends itself naturally to swimming.

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