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Swimming lessons

Thank you Ian & Cheryl for your wonderful guidance in my swimming last week, it has been a wonderful experience for me, and I'm looking forward to going back in the water for my regular swimming next week.One of the most important things I enjoyed was being allowed to breathe in my own way, and also the lovely sense of fun I gained just being in the water.

Irene, Windsor, January 2016 → read more testimonials

Lessons in Oxfordshire

Lessons in Oxfordshire

Twenty Years in Oxfordshire

We offered Swimming Without Stress lessons in the Oxford area from October 1996 to September 2016.  

In August, 1996 Ian put an advert in Round and About magazine looking for a private pool to hire for one to one lessons.  A month later, having found a pool, we used the same space to advertise Swimming Without Stress. The demand for lessons snowballed and by 1998, Cheryl was teaching too and Ian gave up his job as a careers adviser. In the late 90s, Ian, Cheryl and Chie, Ian's sister in law, all trained with Steven Shaw, pioneer of swimming with the Alexander Technique. 

Chie started teaching with Ian and Cheryl in 2000 and, when we moved to Pembrokeshire to begin our residential courses in 2001, Chie took over the lessons in Oxfordshire and ran them until September 2016. 

Chie developed her own, individual way of working with swimmers and non- swimmers, using the principles of the Alexander Technique. She uses a very gentle, calming, hands on approach. 

Chie has now moved with her family to Norwich, where she hopes to continue teaching. We're also hoping to persuade her to come and join us for some teaching in Pembrokeshire. 

If you're searching for Swimming Without Stress in the Oxford area, we hope you'll consider a trip to Pembrokeshire for a residential course instead.