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Swimming lessons

A big thanks to both of you for making me believe that I have a future in the pool...Last week, I completed a teaching course in London in Medical Education. One of the things often said was that a good teacher is one "who makes the learner think and in so doing facilitates the learning process". I was very promptly reminded of both of you. You made me think and believe that I could enjoy the water!! Thank you so much for such a lovely experience!

Chitra Bridgend, September 2016 → read more testimonials

Our Approach To Teaching

Our Approach To Teaching

Our aim is to help you improve your relationship with the water by changing the way you coordinate yourself.

We use our understanding of The Alexander Technique, helping you to focus on relaxing your neck, breathing easily and letting the water support you.

We’ll work in and out of the pool with you, going back to basics, helping you to release unnecessary tension, guiding you through new movements and helping you to enjoy your time in the water.

How We Can Help You

A thoughtful approach… 

We'll help you to think, so you can control your reaction in water.

We'll encourage you to approach the whole problem - of being in the water, breathing, floating, moving more efficiently - in a better way... better than instinctively struggling through the water without really trusting it to support you, which is how most people swim.

Progress with us isn't about going faster or further but prevention, from going wrong, and increased enjoyment of the process, both of learning and of moving through the water.

…and hands on teaching method… 

We’ll be in the water with you using our hands to guide and direct you through movements.


…using the Alexander Technique… 

The Alexander Technique helps you think about what you're doing and how you're doing it; it gives you awareness of what you're doing unconsciously to get in your own way.  

Physically, it helps you relax, reduce tension, move more easily and find your flow. Mentally, it gives you clarity, stops you trying too hard and brings you into the present moment.  

Key ideas in the Alexander Technique are non-doing and promotion of a natural head neck and back relationship, for balance and direction. So it lends itself very well to swimming.

…in a one to one lesson…

We recognise the uniqueness of individuals and know that both non swimmers and swimmers tend to prefer 1:1 lessons. There are universal problems and difficulties for human beings in water but we all have different degrees of fear, different levels of coordination, and our own learning pace.

…with video feedback.

It feels different but what does it look like? We’ll use the camera to show you what you’re actually doing (not always what you think you’re doing!) It’ll help you appreciate the progress you’re making.