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Swimming lessons

Sorry it's taken so long to tell you (and thank you) for the impact that week made to my life. It was the best investment I ever made and I now swim 32 lengths 3 times a week.  One length front crawl - return journey breaststroke and, towards the end, on my back with any old movement that gets me to the other end. I'm enjoying the water!!

Eileen, Berkshire, feedback received October 2015 → read more testimonials

Our Approach To Teaching

Our Approach To Teaching

We'll help you improve your relationship with the water by showing you how to let it support you.

How We Can Help You

The water for Ian and Cheryl is a place for leisure and relaxation rather than fitness training or competition. With the right approach, swimming is therapeutic, with the wrong approach, it's stressful.

We use our understanding of The Alexander Technique to show you how to relax your neck, breathe easily and allow the water to support you. 

We guide you through new movements and help you, both physically and philosophically, to enjoy your time in the water.

A thoughtful approach… 

We encourage you to approach the whole problem - of being in the water, breathing, floating, moving more efficiently - in a better way... better than instinctively struggling through the water without really trusting it to support you, which is how most people swim.

Progress with us isn't about going faster or further. It's about increasing your enjoyment of the process, both of learning and of moving through the water, and improving your awareness so you can prevent yourself from going wrong. 

…and hands on teaching method… 

We’ll be in the water with you using our hands to guide and direct you through movements.


…using the Alexander Technique… 

The Alexander Technique teaches us to stop ourselves from rushing into the next movement with unnecessary tension and dis-coordination. It's especially useful if we're anxious in the water, either because we don't trust it to support us or because we're trying too hard to accomplish the swimming strokes. 

Alexander work provides a window of self awareness which helps us to slow down so that our brains can think and our bodies can breathe. When we find our natural head/ neck/ back integrity, the use of our limbs can grow out of this.

…in a one to one lesson…

Lessons are 1:1, or 1: 2 for shared 1 hour lessons for couples and friends. If you choose to shared 1 hour lessons, you'll still get plenty of individual attention.  Lessons are usually divided equally between Cheryl and Ian. 

…with video feedback.

It feels different but what does it look like? We’ll use the camera to show you what you’re actually doing (not always what you think you’re doing!) It’ll help you appreciate the progress you’re making.