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Learn Not To Swim

Not-Swimming's Where It's AT!

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23-Sep-2014 /  written by Ian Cross
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Learn Not To Swim
“ You need a certain amount of confidence in water really to get the benefits of experiences like visiting thermal spas."

Cheryl treated me to a night in The St Brides Spa Hotel in Saundersfoot last weekend, for my birthday.  The highlight was floating around in the thermal spa pool, overlooking the sea, releasing and expanding into the support of the saltwater and watching our breathing open up. We discussed the advantage of being properly able to do nothing in places like this. We agreed that you need a certain amount of confidence in water really to get the benefits. When we got home I added a new option to our website:

Learn Not to Swim

The water's a great place to reduce unnecessary tension, to release and expand, to relax. But working on swimming technique inevitably moves us away from the realm of non-doing; from just making discoveries about ourselves in water. Whether you're a non-swimmer or a swimmer, if you'd like to discover the benefits of working with very simple movements and floating positions in water, you're welcome to learn not to swim!

That's right, if you're interested in exploring the Alexander Technique in water, without the pressure of learning to swim, we really don't have to do any swimming. If you're a non-swimmer who doesn't put your face in the water, we will need to teach you to breathe so you can enjoy floating and gliding. So long as you can do that, we can focus on doing basic movements well, with lots of stillness and non-doing in between.

Think how you might want to be when visiting a thermal spa instead of swimming lengths in a leisure centre. Ian and Cheryl believe that non-doing in the water is the best thing since sliced bread and when we go swimming ourselves, our aim is to remember this.

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