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Making a Great Start to a Swimming Journey

Jane from Milton Keynes, came for a short course to overcome her life long fear of water.

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31-Dec-2012 /  written by Jane
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Making a Great Start to a Swimming Journey
“ I've spent the whole week not quite believing what I managed to achieve in those few days. Thank you both so much for helping me build my confidence in the water. I can't believe I spent all my life being so scared of it. "

Having spent most of my life and certainly all of my adult life being petrified of the water, it might seem a little strange that I chose to drive 4 hours to south Wales to learn to swim.

I had been spending time at work, teaching some of the leaders in our business how their minds worked and therefore how they could use their minds to improve their performance in work and outside. Most of the theories are embedded in sports science. I'd run a number of these programmes and had run out of things I could try myself to prove the theory that 'it's all in the mind and if you create a compelling picture of the future, it will happen'. I created a 'picture' of myself in the water on holiday, swimming and really enjoying it. (I didn't actually believe at this point this would result in anything) About four weeks later, I found myself on the phone to Ian Cross talking about my fear of water and explaining that I thought it was time to overcome it. I booked in and drove, on my own, all the way to Cardigan.

Getting into a swimsuit was the first challenge - Cheryl kindly sent over a selection and I made myself eat some breakfast, feeling very nervous and then turned up at the pool and was told to get in! At this point, I nearly ran away, never to return, but with some gentle coaxing and a lot of hand holding, Cheryl explained to me why my fear was getting in the way and how to focus on getting my face wet (which was the big fear for me). Over the course of the weekend Ian then followed up. He was patient, gentle and supportive – but he also worked out quickly that I could be pushed out of my comfort zone if I knew the support was there. This approach always accelerates progress for me. I managed to learn to float without help, glide through the water and started to make some movements in the water that slightly resembled breaststroke.

I went away, full of pride in what I'd managed to achieve and I've gone from strength to strength. I found a local teacher who used the same method of teaching and I've learnt to do breaststroke, front crawl (still with some work to do on breathing) and in March this year, did a one day workshop to learn butterfly! Who could have imagined all that in one year for someone so obviously scared of the water?

For anyone thinking about learning, but keeps putting it off, I can really tell you that you can do it - I'm the living proof!

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