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Not Aquaphobic After All

Andre, Brighton, came, with some fear of water, to re-learn to swim.

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02-Apr-2013 /  written by Andre
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Not Aquaphobic After All
“ Ian and Cheryl's approach is like yoga or martial art. They teach how to be calm in the water before moving on to any stroke techniques."

After many years in fear of water, now in my 30's, I decided it was time to take some action. 

I had swimming lessons in primary school but I never enjoyed them and dreaded every Wednesday! The fear continued through my teenage years to the point which I would never put my head under the water. I just believed there must be something different about my body which made me unsuitable for swimming. In particular my nose!

I first downloaded an e-book of "Swimming Without Stress" then decided a holiday in Wales with a chance to overcome my fears was a great opportunity. I'm so glad I did as now just try and keep me away from a pool! :o)

Ian and Cheryl's approach is like yoga or martial art . They teach how to be calm in the water before moving onto any stroke techniques. First and foremost my lifelong fear of water breathing was dealt with swiftly by Ian!

They teach at your pace. For me this meant a focus on breathing technique associated with different swimming strokes. 8 lessons later I can now float pretty much indefinitely! I can swim a good technical front crawl and back crawl. Not too bad at breast stroke and can do all the lazy glides useful for sunny holidays ;)

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