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Rosie, Finding Her Flow

'Keeping Relaxation And Enjoyment At The Forefront Of My Mind'

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12-Jun-2013 /  written by Rosie
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Rosie, Finding Her Flow
“ I can hardly believe how you've managed to transform my stroke and whole approach in just seven lessons."

I'm writing to say thank you again for the fantastic tuition that you gave me last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and found you to be very encouraging which really motivated me to try and make more progress. 

I went swimming for the first time today - two days after my last lesson with you.  I felt slightly apprehensive as I knew from past experience that a new regime/strokes/ technique don't always work well once I'm swimming back in my normal 25 meter 6ft depth pool. 

SO! - I remembered what you'd said about relaxing and just enjoying the water and tried to keep that to the forefront of my mind, as well as swimming down into the water - but didn't think too much about my legs! I did also try to keep a good glide stroke in mind too.

Guess what? I swam forty lengths of front crawl (in a relaxed fashion) and felt absolutely fantastic afterwards. I wasn't nearly as tired as I used to be when I'd swum just one length of front crawl. I had never previously managed more than a couple of consecutive lengths. I'm so delighted that you enabled me to get rid of all the tension that I had when I arrived. 

I am very, very grateful for all your expert help. It was a great experience. 

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