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Swimming With A Surgeon's Hands

Tarek, Glasgow, could swim but lacked important basic skills and had no finesse.

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03-Apr-2013 /  written by Tarek
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Swimming With A Surgeon's Hands
“ It has been delightful working with you over the past week. I have learnt a lot during these days. The thing that struck me about both of you is not only your relaxed and confident approach but most importantly the way you work around the individual swimmer to bring out the best."

Having swimming lessons with Ian and Cheryl at Swimming Without Stress was actually an enjoyable experience! 

The difference from all other adult swimming lessons is the relaxed atmosphere in a dedicated pool with a dedicated instructor. 

Ian and Cheryl have the ability to work around the person. They use different approaches to achieve the same thing and with me this was quite successful. 

The whole family indeed enjoyed the experience. 

I strongly recommend swimming without stress if you want to enjoy the water!

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