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Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Richard, Cumbria, came for 3 courses to continue to improve technique.

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02-Apr-2013 /  written by Richard
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Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks
“ I much enjoyed¬†the last sessions I had with you both¬†- a further steady improvement in my basic swimming skills. Once again many thanks for the skills passed on."

Not too long ago floating and rudimentary breast stroke, requiring all my strength and lung capacity, were the limit of my swimming skills.

When I retired after almost 45 years mining and in my late 60’s I wanted to improve and enjoy my swimming much more.  Luckily I found Swimming Without Stress.

Ian and Cheryl have given me the art of floating and relaxing. Consequently my breast stroke, old English backstroke and crawl are, in comparison to my previous efforts, almost effortless and, equally important to me, very enjoyable.

Their teaching skills brought about my steady swimming improvement by showing me how to relax and enjoy the whole water experience.

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