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The Experience of Doing Nothing In Water

Jean was prone to panic attacks and learned to feel safe and secure by doing nothing.

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03-May-2013 /  written by Jean
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The Experience of Doing Nothing In Water
“ Many thanks for the most enjoyable swimming course, it was wonderfully relaxing, the addition of the lessons in the Alexander Technique also benefited me a great deal."

Now in my mid-sixties and having spent a lifetime with a fear of falling and heights and consequently a fear of water, I had experienced many panic attacks in the process of learning to swim and never really enjoyed swimming.

The experience at Croft Farm with Ian and Cheryl was an amazing revelation. The idea of standing in a swimming pool just letting go and falling forward into the water was a very daunting prospect. The first few attempts were very stressful producing a lot of tension in my body. However, with Ian and Cheryl’s help and encouragement gradually I learned to relax. In fact as the lessons progressed I discovered that doing nothing in the water to achieve a floating position apart from allowing it to happen was in fact a very pleasant experience. 

By the end of the course I discovered that I was able to fall forward into the water allow myself to drift around calmly, gently exhale with my face submerged, and even to look from side to side. I could then allow my feet to sink without feeling I needed to keep everything rigid in order to float.

Floating by actually doing nothing in the water was amazing.

Thanks to Ian and Cheryl this was a truly unforgettable experience.

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